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Electronic Music Inclusion Initiative

The Electronic Music Inclusion Initiative (EMII, pron. Emmy), powered by the anonymous InChorus survey, is key to understanding the challenges our industry is facing so that targeted action can be taken.

If you’ve experienced harassment or discrimination at any time whilst working in the Electronic Music industry, we want to hear from you.
This is a safe space where no incident is ‘not a big deal’. Microaggressions are day-to-day expressions of bias & prejudice that create a hostile environment for certain groups. For example, it might be comments about your appearance that make you uncomfortable, or having others make assumptions about your abilities. We know these are far from ‘micro’ in impact, so please share with us so that – together – we can make change happen.


We’re leading the way in creating a more inclusive Electronic Music industry, one where racism, sexism, or discrimination of any kind is not tolerated.
We lean into data & insights to empower individuals, shape targeted actions for change, and drive accountability.


Sweat the 'small stuff'

Sexism, racism and many other forms of discrimination are systemic. Extreme examples make the headlines; but biases play out in small decisions, behaviours and comments that we all make, everyday. To be anti-sexist, anti-racist – to be genuinely inclusive – we have to help companies prevent harassment. This forward-thinking approach sets our allies apart.

What's measured is improved

We’re serious about culture change. In fact, we believe in approaching culture like other business functions – we start with data to explore the problem, design targeted interventions, and measure to see if we’ve achieved progress.

Collaboration is key

When it comes to solving systemic problems, we believe in collaborating to share what’s working and what isn’t, so that we can all move forward together, faster. We would love you to join us. Fill in the contact form below to find out how.

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