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Stephan Bodzin at Mars Planet by TIME:CODE

It is our pleasure to present you the first ever interplanetary show and landing on the planet Mars with Stephan Bodzin! As humanity breaks down boundaries with space travel, the TIME: CODE team was given a unique opportunity to board and record the journey of the first crew to be on Mars in 2023.

Join for this unique occasion TIME: CODE has invited Stephan Bodzin to perform during the flight and landing of the first interplanetary spacecraft to be piloted by astronauts from SpaceXs and NASA and only 10 TIME: CODE RED Member members will have the opportunity to participate in this program. TIME: CODE RED Member will begin space training in 2022.

You can sign up at:

The mission will be filmed and presented to a global audience as a masterpiece of all people on Earth and our willingness to go further and seek undiscovered places in our universe. Music is a symbol of the international and interplanetary language. It represents the basic level of communication that our society has carried throughout history.

The set will last a full 4 hours, including a flight through the atmosphere of Mars. The landing site will be in a crater called Jezero, symbolically named after a location in the Balkan region where TIME: CODE is headquartered.

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