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Watch: John Digweed ‘Eye of the Storm’ Documentary by Pablo Casacuberta

Eye of the Storm is a documentary by filmmaker Pablo Casacuberta. The film captures Digweed on one of his many tours across South America, but rather than acting as a travel diary, it attempts to capture what Casacuberta considers Digweed’s very essence.

He explains: “I wanted to depict his celebrated patience, his sense of timing and his observational abilities. And the only way to do so was through sequences that were mostly poetic. So, instead of just following him around, we also placed him in strange, almost imaginary settings, in which his adaptive and curious nature could flourish… I hope that the final cut, however experimental, may allow his fans to feel that they have had a personal chat with him, and that by doing so they know him better.” While that may sound a bit heady, the documentary will be complemented by John Digweed Live at the Vegabond, a clip from the Bedrock/Creations Party in Miami in 2013.

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